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About Regal Arts and Exports

  • What does Regal Arts and Exports do?
    Regal Arts and Exports is dedicated to curating and offering exquisite pieces of traditional Indian art, craftsmanship, and design. We specialize in creating and sourcing unique and timeless art objects, ranging from classic to contemporary, for discerning connoisseurs and collectors.

  • How do you discover the design objects at Regal Arts and Exports? 
    Our team of experts scours the length and breadth of India to discover exceptional artisans, designers, and brands that uphold the spirit of regal craftsmanship. We also collaborate with renowned designers and artists to bring their exclusive creations to our clientele.

  • Are all your products one of a kind?
    While many of our products are indeed one-of-a-kind or limited edition, we also offer select pieces that are part of curated collections. Each piece we offer is carefully selected for its exceptional craftsmanship and unique aesthetic.

  • How are the brands chosen?
    We meticulously choose brands and artisans who share our passion for preserving and promoting India's artistic heritage. Our selection criteria prioritize authenticity, quality, and a commitment to traditional craftsmanship.

Shopping at Regal Arts and Exports:

  • Who is the producer of the product I am purchasing?
    Each product on our platform is accompanied by detailed information about its producer or creator. We take pride in showcasing the artists and brands behind our offerings, allowing you to appreciate the artistry and heritage behind each piece.

  • How can I be assured of the authenticity of an object?
    At Regal Arts and Exports, we are dedicated to authenticity. We provide provenance information and detailed descriptions for each item, and our reputation is built on the trust of our clients. We guarantee the authenticity of every product we sell.

  • Do you sell customized pieces?
    Yes, we offer bespoke and customized pieces. Our concierge service works closely with clients to bring their specific artistic visions to life. Contact our team to discuss your customization needs.

  • How do I make a purchase?
    To make a purchase, simply browse our curated collections on our website, select the item you desire, and follow the prompts to complete your order. Alternatively, you can contact our concierge for personalized assistance.

  • How do I pay you?
    We accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and other secure online payment options. Your payment details are handled with the utmost security and confidentiality.

  • Is the sale price of an item all inclusive?
    Yes, the sale price includes the cost of the product as well as any applicable taxes and shipping fees, ensuring a transparent and hassle-free shopping experience.

  • Do you have detailed pictures of your sale items on the Regal Arts and Exports website?
    Absolutely, we provide high-quality images and detailed descriptions for each product to give you a comprehensive understanding of its aesthetics and craftsmanship.

  • Can you provide further information about an object apart from what is on the website?
    Certainly, our concierge service is available to provide additional information, answer questions, and offer personalized insights about our products.

  • What are your hours of operation and how should I contact you?
    Our dedicated team is available six days a week, from Monday through Saturday, from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm IST. You can reach us by phone at +91 80030 11110 or via email at


Orders and Shipping

  • How do you confirm receiving my order?
    Upon placing your order, you will receive an email confirmation with details of your purchase.

  • How long does it take to dispatch and how do you transport it?
    The dispatch time may vary depending on the product. We take great care in packaging and selecting the most suitable transportation method to ensure your order arrives in pristine condition.

  • Where do I find the shipping information for my order?
    You can find shipping information, including tracking details, in your order confirmation email or by logging into your Regal Arts and Exports account.

  • What is the shipping cost?
    Shipping costs vary depending on the size, weight, and destination of your order. The shipping cost will be calculated and displayed during the checkout process.

  • Who is your shipping carrier?
    We work with trusted shipping carriers to ensure safe and reliable delivery of your orders.

  • Do I get an idea of the transportation costs before placing an order?
    Yes, you will be provided with an estimated shipping cost during the checkout process, allowing you to review and confirm the total cost before finalizing your purchase.

  • How can I track the delivery of my order?
    You can track the delivery of your order using the tracking information provided in your confirmation email or by contacting our concierge team for assistance.

  • Do you insure the packages you ship?
    Yes, we insure packages to safeguard against any unforeseen circumstances during transit.

  • Do you ship to my country?
    We offer international shipping to many countries. You can check the availability of shipping to your specific location during the checkout process.

  • When can I expect the delivery of my order?
    Delivery times may vary depending on your location and the product. You will receive an estimated delivery date along with your order confirmation.

  • What if the item I receive is damaged?
    If you receive a damaged item, please contact our concierge team immediately. We will work swiftly to resolve the issue and ensure your satisfaction.

  • Can I return a purchase?
    We accept returns in accordance with our return policy. Please refer to our website or contact our concierge team for details on our return process.

  • I am an established designer, artist, or manufacturer. How does my brand collaborate with Regal Arts and Exports?
    We are always open to collaborations with talented artists, designers, and manufacturers who share our passion for preserving and promoting Indian art and craftsmanship. Please reach out to our team to explore partnership opportunities and discuss how your brand can collaborate with Regal Arts and Exports.

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