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About Us

Our Regal Art and Export Family: United by a Shared Vision

At Regal Art and Export, our team isn't just a group of individuals; we are a close-knit family brought together by a shared passion for our craft and a commitment to excellence. Our family comprises talented professionals from diverse backgrounds, each contributing their unique expertise to our mission.

Sales Team: Our sales team members are the friendly faces who connect our clients with the artistry of Regal Art and Export. They understand your needs, provide personalized guidance, and ensure your experience with us is exceptional.

Marketing Team: Our marketing team is the creative force behind our brand's presence. They weave stories, curate experiences, and share the beauty of our creations with the world, allowing our artistry to shine.

Account Team: Behind the scenes, our account team ensures smooth operations, managing the financial aspects of our business, and maintaining our commitment to transparency and integrity.

Quality Control Team: Quality is the cornerstone of our family's values. Our quality control team meticulously examines every piece, ensuring that it meets our exacting standards and your expectations for excellence.

Artisans: Perhaps the most vital members of our family are our artisans. They are the heartbeat of Regal Art and Export, infusing each creation with their skill, dedication, and a touch of their own spirit. Their craftsmanship transforms materials into pieces of timeless beauty.

Our family thrives on collaboration, where ideas flow freely, and innovation is encouraged. We believe in nurturing and empowering each member to reach their full potential, ultimately enhancing the collective strength of our family.

Just like any family, we support each other through challenges and celebrate successes together. We are united by our shared vision of crafting exquisite artistry that resonates with our clients' hearts and homes. At Regal Art and Export, our family isn't just a team; we are the artisans of elegance, the creators of beauty, and the guardians of tradition.

Team of Industrial Engineers

Meet The Team

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